Teams that reflect brand need and market preference.

True multi-channel engagement means interacting with healthcare professionals and payers in their preferred way. Our multi-channel service reflects this, and we provide programmes tailored to each individual project.

At Star, we provide a bespoke multi-channel model that’s built around the needs of our clients’ businesses. A true multi-channel model means having the ‘immediate’ ability to reach the client (Healthcare Professionals), through a mix of different channels, whether it’s face-to-face, phone, screen-share or email.

We've developed one of the most comprehensive channel preference databases in the UK and have the ability to build and install teams that reflect the brand need and market preference.

Our database details the personal channel preferences of Healthcare Professionals across all CCGs, so not only do we know who to contact, we know which channel to use for optimum results. Being able to communicate with Healthcare Professionals via their preferred sales channel gives us more access and options, and of course, increased sales opportunities.

With this unique accessibility to data and the latest digital tools, we flexibly deploy exceptional sales professionals across Market Access, Secondary Care, Primary Care and Commercial projects, and continually deliver excellent case studies that prove ROI. ‘Multi-Channel’ selling is the future.