Innovative solutions to unique brand challenges.

Brand challenges are unique, and therefore require tactical enablers to influence change. Given the ongoing importance of rapid market access and engaging with the different models of care within the ever-changing NHS, Star has established exclusive strategic relationships with key partners: PharmaDoctor and ResConsortium.

Working with pharmacists, service providers, agencies and the pharma industry, PharmaDoctor are the only UK-based Care Quality Commission registered Independent Medical Agency, with a vison to help reshape future healthcare services so that they are both convenient and accessible for patients and consumers. Their in-house team of Healthcare Professionals, marketing/commercial professionals (pharma and pharmacy), and digital health experts believe that creating a wider choice of robust healthcare services and improving access to medicines can revolutionise the way people manage their health.

ResConsortium supports organisations, teams and individuals across all sectors at strategic and operational levels in healthcare, by improving capability through better process design, information and skills. They focus on achieving real-world results through evidence-based initiatives that are co-produced with stakeholders and cost-efficient. They work across multiple sectors providing cross-fertilisation of solutions and specialist capability.