Turning data into actionable insights.

Data-driven business decisions can make or break companies. Star provides a unique approach to business intelligence and data analytics to influence thinking on commercial models, enabling client sales teams to be more productive and profitable.

We believe that “Turning data into actionable insights” is central to the success of a brand. Powered by Clinical Cube, Uniphar Insight combines real-world data with powerful analytics to deliver consistent understanding of the UK and European health sector.

Clinical Cube combines unique, multi-dimensioned health data with considerable market expertise, collaborating with our clients to help them solve complex problems and deliver successful marketing ROI.

The Insight data solution is comprehensive, providing unrivalled analysis to inform, challenge and support commercial strategy. Our data warehouse aggregates real-world data including NHS Primary and Secondary Care data, patient journey information, demographic data as well as specialist health registers.

We combine this with our client’s own data including finance, commercial activity and performance data, enabling us to create unique empirical views that support our clients’ decisions.