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Want to build a team from our extensive pool of candidates? Need help understanding how to get the best out of working with an outsourcing provider? Let us know! Our industry is constantly evolving.

Star offer a different approach that makes a genuine impact. Get in touch.

Our Outsourcing approach explained

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Our Services

  • Contract Sales & Market Access Teams

    Star provide dedicated, syndicated and market access teams for pharmaceutical, medical devices, and healthcare services companies.

  • Vacancy Management

    At Star, our vacancy management solution means that our clients have no need to compromise. With one of the largest and most experienced resourcing teams in the UK

  • Multi-Channel

    True multi-channel engagement means interacting with healthcare professionals and payers in their preferred way. Our multi-channel service reflects this and we provide programmes tailored to each individual project.

  • 'Activate' Product Fostering

    Our 'Activate' product fostering model sees us take full responsibility for sales, marketing and patient support to optimise profit in a cash neutral way.

  • Business Intelligence

    Star provides a unique approach to business intelligence and data analytics to influence thinking on commercial models, enabling client sales teams to be more productive and profitable.

  • Commercial Optimisation

    Star has established exclusive strategic relationships with key partners; ResConsortium: specialists in value proposition and workforce development and PharmaDoctor: providing patient group directions and service support.

How we make an impact

  • We attract superior talent for our clients.
  • We plug experience, smarts and data insight into our listen, tailor, and deliver methodology.
  • We have a broad and ever developing portfolio of outsourced services.
  • You’ll enjoy working with us. We have a great Team Culture.

“You have dealt with leadership of people as a collaborative, joint project, with willingness to listen and observe.”

Business Unit Director, multi-national pharma company