The Situation

A global leader in the pharmaceutical industry were looking to maintain and grow sales for their product that was 13 years into its life cycle. Having been first in class and a market leader, the brand had come under threat from competitors, and the launch of new molecules into the disease area was resulting in a decline in sales growth. The client had commissioned a Syndicated team to work alongside their field sales force, but were dissatisfied with the quality and quantity of their sales calls, high attrition rates, high number of graduate representatives, lack of flexibility, poor sales management and lack of data / measures.

The Situation

The Solution

The Star business development team analysed prescribing and sales growth trends to CCG level, and segmented the national market by identifying key geographical areas across the UK where there was potential to both protect and grow sales.

To deliver optimal coverage of the chosen high potential areas, a syndicated team of 30 was built and deployed. The team was made up of 80% experienced representatives, 20% graduate representatives and 3 highly experienced Pharma sales managers.

To support the team, bespoke CRM and Clinical Cube sale analysis tools were built aligned to the clients' reporting needs.

The Solution

The Results

Star delivered over and above on all agreed KPIs, including:

• Achieving the agreed activity volume and average daily contact rate

• Attrition rate static at 12% (benchmark 15%)

• STEM audit outcome 10% above industry average

• 80% customer calls in CRM in 24 hours (benchmark 60%)

• STEM audit year one 17% good sell outcomes achieved (benchmark 7%)

• STEM audit year two 30% good sell outcomes achieved (benchmark 17%)

The Results


Customer calls in CRM in 24 hours (benchmark 60%)

Achieved the agreed activity volume and average daily contact rate


Above industry average on STEM audit outcome

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