The Situation

In 2016 Star partnered with a client to assist them to build a cross portfolio Market Access Team. We were the first-tier agency on this high-profile build.

The build comprised of:

  • 21 AHL (Area Healthcare Lead roles): Market Access cross portfolio focusing on Cardio, Diabetes, Immunology and Oncology
  • 3 RHL (Regional Healthcare Lead roles): Management of the AHLs and senior customer-facing work
The Situation

The Solution

Led by the dedicated Star Account Manager, the build was prioritised across the business and we worked extremely closely with the key stakeholders (both from the Commercial and HR functions), to understand and meet the in-depth requirements for the build.

We sourced a wide range of exceptional candidates through a range of methods including database searching, drawing on our extensive networks, advertising and LinkedIn sourcing to give the client a wide selection of suitable candidates, who were then managed through the in-depth recruitment process.

The Solution

The Results

Star filled a total of 11 roles (all AHL), with the remaining filled through a combination of internal and direct candidates. The client was so impressed with our ability to build an industry-leading Market Access team, that they subsequently used Star as their exclusive resourcing partner.

The stats for the team build were as follows:

  • 78 CVs submitted
  • 52 first interviews
  • 29 final interviews
  • 11 roles filled

Conversion rates directly attributed to the team build were:

  • CV to first: 1.5 / 1
  • First to final: 1.8 / 1
  • Final to placement: 2.6 /1
The Results

Client has since used Star as their exclusive resourcing partner


Roles filled by Star (all AHL)

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