The Situation

Having determined that their existing team of 40 could not drive enough coverage on selected high value Rx GPs, develop KOL advocacy, and secure market access for their new product launch, a specialist dermatology company needed additional primary care resource to support their business needs.

The client was initally apprehensive about outsourcing and fearful of creating a 'two-tier team' that may disrupt the organisational culture they felt integral to their success. In addition, they weren't confident in the CSO model, having had retention issues in the past.

Any CSO offering would need to be able to demonstrate an ability to collaborate, take accountability for the target list, have tailored dashboards and systems developed to suit the client, and most importantly ensure that the outsourced heads were both culturally and behaviourally aligned to the client's values while seamlessly embedding into their headcount team.

The Situation

The Solution

Star provided a highly experienced recruitment team and project manager to build a dedicated team of 12 for an initial 12 month contract, whose focus would be on primary care target customers, in selected areas, with established market access.

Star began the recruitment process with a series of field visits to the client’s top performers, to really understand the company values. We also invited the client’s Head of Sales to present to the Star team, ensuring that our resourcing and operations teams clearly understood the project, the culture and the client-fit.

The Star project manager regularly communicated, and spent time with 'in field' representatives, whilst a minimum level of activity was set for the team. Star also introduced a bespoke sales and activity CRM tool developed by Clinical Cube to analyse the 'cause and effect' of activity on sales by region.

The Solution

The Results

• The sourced dedicated team was high-quality, experienced, and aligned with client budget expectations. This was later substantiated by the 'highest ever observed scores' for a STEM audit to measure their qualitative impact

• Current commercial impact 118% SVT and growing

• Star contributed 25% sales versus client’s team, surpassing the client's expectation

• The client took on additional Star headcount based on the quality of heads originally sourced

• A contract extension proves the success of the team, and the positive contribution to the client’s ongoing business KPIs

• The client’s UK subsidiary were awarded the 'best launch' of a new product, worldwide

The Results


Current SVT and growing

Star contributed 25% sales versus client’s team, surpassing the client's expectation

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