The Situation

Star were approached by a major pharmaceutical company who had been promoting their product exclusively via its award winning 30 head syndicated team in a D3 position.

The client was focused on product fostering, and 18 months into the promotion, a team of 4 Multi-Channel Account Managers were added. Subsequently, two years into the deal it became apparent that due to increased competition and the introduction of a generic version of the product, this approach was no longer providing the required results.

Star were tasked with developing a new strategy to present to the client to drive product sales.

The Situation

The Solution

Star suggested to focus the available resource on a higher strength preparation of the product, as this was the sector of the market showing the most significant growth. There was also no generic alternative to it in the market, and there was a significant price advantage for this strength over the market leader.

Clinical Cube produced a national list of GP Practices that were high prescribers of the market leading product and these practices were allocated to individual Star Syndicated Representatives or MCAMs. Clinical Cube also provided a bespoke Budget Impact Model to use with these practices, along with a dashboard allowing the Lead RBM and Project Manager to monitor and drive coverage, frequency and sales impact across the individual Representatives/MCAMs

The Solution

The Results

Three months into this new strategy:

• The Star team had exceeded the stretching coverage and frequency objective

• Total sales for the higher strength preparation were 16% ahead of forecast

• The client were extremely satisfied with the performance, and subsequently entered into negotiations to expand and accelerate the strategy

The Results

Exceeded the stretching coverage and frequency objective


Ahead of total sales forecast for the higher strength preparation

In negotiations with client to expand and accelerate the strategy

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