Star Retail Pharmacy team: Q&A with Territory Manager, Andy Grogan
  • Posted on: 17/02/2020
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Star Retail Pharmacy team: Q&A with Territory Manager, Andy Grogan

Territory Manager and recent graduate, Andy Grogan, chose Star and the Retail Pharmacy team to begin his career. In his Q&A we talk expanding product portfolios, building new relationships, and delivering results.

Hi Andy, as a recent graduate, what prompted you to join Star?

After graduating, I was unsure on what job role I wanted to pursue. After being in touch on LinkedIn, researching the company and their values, I knew Star would be a great way to start my professional career. I feel that the community involvement and providing quality products to pharmacists to best serve their customers were also other reasons. As this was a new team as well, it was great to be the part of the initial set-up and settle in well with the company.

What is your role within the Star retail pharmacy team?

My main role in the company is to build relationships with key stakeholders within Independent pharmacies. Working with a range of clients, it is then my job to promote and sell these products and demonstrate the benefits of each product to pharmacists. This involves arranging appointments and travelling all over the North East and Yorkshire to meet my sales targets.

Once sold into the pharmacy, I then deliver product-specific training for pharmacists and pharmacy staff to enable them to comfortably promote the products themselves.

How has your first experience of working in a Retail Pharmacy team been so far?

My first experience of working in Retail Pharmacy has been very positive. Since joining back in July, I have been welcomed throughout the whole company, even up to meeting the Managing Director on my first day.

The company is very friendly, and everyone wants to help each other. Seven months in and the team keep in touch regularly - we sometimes have group calls where we can catch-up as a team and discuss how our week is going.

Now that we’re several months into the launch of the team, what do you feel the main progress has been?

I think the main progress has been expanding our client portfolio and having more products to sell and promote. This is great as, having already built a rapport with pharmacists, it is nice to go back to these pharmacies and sell new, exciting products.

I also think another big progress is that I have become a point of call for pharmacies looking to re-order the product. I think delivering great service and building that rapport within pharmacies has then helped promoting new products.

Why should potential clients find out more about the Retail Pharmacy team?

I think potential clients should want to find out more because we have an experienced team of Territory Managers who have built up a rapport with lots of pharmacists all over the UK. This means that when going back to the pharmacies to promote new clients’ products, it becomes a lot easier as there is that initial rapport already made, and the pharmacists will usually have time for us. This ultimately leads to an increase in the number of sales.

To find out more about the Star syndicated Retail Pharmacy team, contact Lesley Jarvis on 07710 398 014, or email

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