The Week in... Pharma (29/07-02/08)
  • Posted on: 02/08/2019
  • Category: Industry

The Week in... Pharma (29/07-02/08)

Catch up with this week’s top pharma news! A Convergence Science Centre is launched to accelerate cancer treatments, Switzerland and Lichtenstein’s Director for International Trade says the UK offers unique opportunities for export and investment, and Pfizer confirms its generics merger with Mylan.

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Pfizer confirms generic medicines merger with Mylan

Pfizer and Mylan have announced an all-stock deal that would combine their off-patent medicines businesses, confirming speculation that emerged over the weekend.

How Brexit uncertainty is weighing on UK manufacturing

A no-deal departure from the EU, resulting in tariffs and customs checks, would be a serious problem for many manufacturers, who rely on frictionless trade to source components and export goods. 

Convergence Science Centre launches to accelerate cancer treatments

Scientists are re-imagining ultrasound technology to develop a treatment that can liquefy cancer cells in the body using microscopic bubbles – without the need for invasive surgery.

Trade Continuity and Future Ambition - The UK After Brexit

Director DIT for Switzerland and Liechtenstein, Noel McEvoy, argues in the Swiss Export Journal that the UK offers unique opportunities for export and investment for Swiss businesses.

Skin cancer rates rocket 45% in 10 years

Cancer Research UK has announced that incidences of melanoma have increased by 45% since 2004.


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