The Week In... Pharma (11-15/02)
  • Posted on: 15/02/2019
  • Category: Industry

The Week In... Pharma (11-15/02)

33% of antibiotics are given without an associated diagnosis, AI is making its way into drug development, and is there a place for genomics in the NHS? Just some of the top pharma headlines this week.

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33% of antibiotics prescribed by NHS are given without associated diagnosis, England's Chief Medical Officer warns

A third of the antibiotics prescribed by the NHS are given out despite there being no medical evidence that they are necessary, England’s Chief Medical Officer Dame Sally Davies has said.

Solving the drug development problem

Excitement is building for the potential of AI in just about every field, but how can it address pharma’s unique challenges?

A genomics and digital-led NHS is possible – but investment in staff essential

Adopting digital technology such as AI and widely integrating genomics in UK healthcare can bring about a huge improvement in NHS services – but investment in staff training and culture change will be vital. 

UCB joins with UK charity to research new epilepsy drugs

Belgium’s UCB has joined forces with the UK’s Epilepsy Society in a collaboration aimed at finding treatments for people who have the disease, but do not respond to current treatments.

Industry concerned about ‘rushed’ Brexit withdrawal legislation

In among the hundreds of individual pieces of EU legislation that has to be converted into UK law to allow Brexit to take place is one on intellectual property, which has been raising the hackles of UK biopharma industry.

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