The Week In... Pharma (04-08/03)
  • Posted on: 08/03/2019
  • Category: Industry

The Week In... Pharma (04-08/03)

New biosimilar launches in the UK, campaigners say Donald Trump’s Brexit trade plan will damage the NHS, and fake medications are “easily” bought on Facebook. These are some of the top stories making headlines across pharma this week!

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Trump’s Brexit trade plan is bad for NHS, say campaigners

In the midst of the US administration’s objectives for a post-Brexit trade deal with the UK is a section calling for “procedural fairness” for pharmaceuticals, which is raising hackles in some quarters.

Biogen buys UK gene therapy firm Nightstar for $800m

Biogen has agreed to buy UK-based gene therapy biotech Nightstar, which focuses on using modified viruses as therapies for inherited retinal disorders, in a deal worth $800 million.

Napp launches pegfilgrastim biosimilar in the UK

Napp Pharmaceuticals has launched Pelmeg in the UK, marking the group's first launch of a product developed by Cinfa Biotech, acquired by the Mundipharma network of independent associated companies in October last year. 

Fake Xanax “easily” bought on Facebook in UK

Counterfeit Xanax that contains a drug called etizolam and is responsible for an epidemic of deaths in Scotland can be bought quickly and easily through sites like Facebook, according to BBC report.

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