The Week In... Nursing + Healthcare (10-14/06)
  • Posted on: 14/06/2019
  • Category: Industry

The Week In... Nursing + Healthcare (10-14/06)

This Men’s Health Week, a survey reveals 72% of expat men are worried about healthcare in their new country, nursing profiles are ‘outdated, wrong and undermining’, and over half of female nurses and midwives think male nurses with ‘less qualifications’ are being promoted over them.

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Male nurses with ‘less qualifications’ are being promoted over women

Over half of nurses and midwives think men are favoured for promotion over their female colleagues.

'Our life savings are spent on care that should be free'

Thousands of vulnerable patients in England are missing out on NHS funding for home care that they are legally entitled to, it is being claimed.

Nurses ‘assisting doctors’ is an ‘outdated, wrong and undermining’ description of the profession

A subject profile of nursing and midwifery published by the Guardian newspaper has been accused of reinforcing “outdated” and “undermining” stereotypes of the nursing profession by claiming nurses are taught to “assist doctors”.

Three quarters of expat men are worried about healthcare

A survey by AXA - Global Healthcare has found that local health services have been used by 84% of men living abroad, however 72% said they have concerns about the healthcare in their new country.

May’s latest commitments to tech are welcome, but the next PM has more work to do

Air pollution and congestion, quality healthcare, security and equal access to jobs are just a few examples of critical concerns we see in our cities and communities across the UK.

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