The Week In... Medical Devices (30/12 - 03/01)
  • Posted on: 03/01/2020
  • Category: Industry

The Week In... Medical Devices (30/12 - 03/01)

Top medical devices news articles of the New Year include a look back at 2019’s biggest breakthroughs in medical science, an ‘impossible’ machine offering new hope to cancer patients, a report on how Google answered the top 10 health questions, and Boris Johnson’s plans to speed up clinical trials.

How Dr Google Answered The Top Ten Health Questions Of 2019

Through 2019, Americans turned to social media to find answers to their health questions. Here are the top 10 health-related questions Googled in 2019.

'Man on the Moon' moment - the year's big breakthroughs

It has been a remarkable year of promise in medical science - from inventing ways of treating the untreatable to reversing paralysis and keeping the brain alive after death.

The 'impossible' machine offering new hope to cancer patients

Already in more than a dozen hospitals around the world, Unity is an 11-tonne giant that brings together the worlds of radiation therapy (RT) and high-field magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

UK looks to shake up trial, medicines regulation amid Brexit

As the UK prepares to leave the EU, newly elected Prime Minister Boris Johnson has sketched out plans that aim to speed up trials.

DeepMind's new AI can spot breast cancer just as well as your doctor

Early research suggests Google's algorithm can improve the accuracy of mammogram screenings, potentially alleviating some of the UK's radiologist shortage

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