The Week In... Medical Devices (04-08/05)
  • Posted on: 08/05/2020
  • Category: Industry

The Week In... Medical Devices (04-08/05)

Website launched for reporting medicines side-effects and equipment incidents, US arms makers are to team up with medical device firms to make ventilators, the Med-Tech Innovation Expo is rescheduled to June 21, and there’s a report on the impact of Covid-19 on the medical device market.

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Coronavirus: new website for reporting medicines side-effects and equipment incidents

A new online reporting site, dedicated to reporting any suspected side effects from medicines, future vaccines and incidents involving medical equipment relating to COVID-19 treatment, has today (May 4th) been launched.

Wearable launched to help users reduce stress

A new version of a wearable which targets the vagus nerve has been launched in a bid to improve a user’s health and reduce stress.

U.S. arms makers and medical device firms team up to make ventilators

U.S. weapons makers have teamed up with medical device companies to increase the supply of ventilators that can be used to combat the coronavirus pandemic, people working on the project said.

Med-Tech Innovation Expo rescheduled for June 2021

Rapid News Group has announced the decision to postpone Med-Tech Innovation Expo, the UK’s flagship event for the medical device industry to 2021.

The impact of Covid-19 on the European medical device market

Dr Archana Nagarajan, a freelance scientist specialising in medical devices at Kolabtree, an online freelance platform for scientists, explains the changes made to the European medical device market in light of the pandemic.


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