How to ensure a successful interview
  • Posted on: 15/08/2019
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How to ensure a successful interview

I think we can all agree how stressful interviews can be, especially with the added bonus of assessment centres.

Here at Star, we are dedicated to making this process as smooth as possible, even enjoyable and informative! Here are a few helpful tips for both candidates and clients to help guarantee a positive outcome. 

For the candidate

·       Do your research into the company and know your competitors and the marketplace - understand the company’s values and how they align with yours.

·       Know your CV! As obvious as this is, make sure you can talk through successes and give clear outcomes and always support with evidence - any achievement needs context.

·       Have clear reasons why you want to work for the company or work in that role - your enthusiasm could make all the difference.

·       Don’t be negative about your current company - be professional and focus on why you want to join this company as opposed to leaving yours.

If your interview involves a Competency-Based Interview (CBI), make sure you have thought through some strong examples that you can use to showcase your competencies that are aligned to the job specification. Nobody expects you to remember all your achievements at the drop of a hat, so go ahead and write yourself some key points to ensure a confident flow.

Follow the STAR technique with your examples. Give an overview of the Situation, the Tasks and Actions undertaken throughout the process and the Result(s) gained. It’s really important to keep your examples structured, clear and concise with business-focused outcomes that display your acumen for the role.

And finally; dress smartly, maintain good eye contact, firm handshake and don’t forget to smile!

For the client

An interview is a two-way process. Good candidates are likely to be interviewing at more than one company, so it’s really important to sell the opportunity you are recruiting for. Understand the candidate’s motivations for moving on from their current role and give them time to ask their questions, and make sure they leave the interview feeling positive about the opportunity.

Too many companies miss this chance to really promote their employer brand and develop their reputation as a good place to work. Be welcoming, offer a drink (or lunch if it’s a full-day assessment centre), make sure candidates feel relaxed to help combat nerves and get the best out of them. It really will be appreciated.

Always take the time to provide feedback for any candidates whom you may interview; this will demonstrate commitment to building good relationships with candidates in case you have future dealings with them and will, again, leave them feeling positive about the opportunity.

How Star can help

We have many testimonials from our candidates who have genuinely valued the help and support provided to them by Star at a time which can be extremely stressful, especially if the candidate going through the process has recently found themselves out of work or in a redundancy situation.

We can provide you with advice on your CV, as well as insight and guidance into how to perform in an interview and/or an assessment centre (we can even practice sales roleplays with you!). With our investment in video technology, we have the ability to record you practicing an interview/talk through your presentation and/or roleplay, spend time reviewing it with you and offer tips on how to improve, so that on the day you’ll feel much more comfortable from the outset.

For our clients, we can offer support around the development of CBIs, assessment processes, or manage the whole recruitment process for you. It’s vital that you have a rigorous, fair and friendly process to attract the right people to your business.

Marie Entwistle, Pharma Business Unit Manager, Star

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