The Week In... Nursing + Healthcare (20-24/05)
  • Posted on: 24/05/2019
  • Category: Industry

The Week In... Nursing + Healthcare (20-24/05)

The chair of NHS England says integrated care is the future, Europeans are risking chronic diseases due to bad diets, a growing number of Britons are using online fundraising to pay for essential treatment and the number of European nurses arriving in the UK falls.

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Integrated care is the future, says NHS England chair

Chair of NHS England Lord Prior tells of his determination to transform the health service as a power for good in an increasingly ailing society.

Europeans at risk of chronic digestive diseases due to poor diets

A new report launched by United European Gastroenterology (UEG) has found that poor nutritional choices are putting millions of Europeans at an increased risk of a range of chronic digestive diseases, including digestive cancers.

Number of European nurses arriving in UK falls from 9,000 a year to 900 after Brexit vote

The number of European nurses arriving in Britain has fallen from about 9,000 to 900 a year since the Brexit referendum, it was revealed this week.

When survival is a popularity contest: the heartbreak of crowdfunding healthcare

A growing number of Britons are turning to online fundraising for essential treatment in a desperate, ‘Dickensian’ attempt to get around NHS shortfalls. But does it work?

Parents urged to ‘trust your nurse’ when it comes to vaccinating children

Nurses at RCN annual conference in Liverpool argued it was important to win over hesitant parents through education and building trust.

Up to 50 patients 'stuck in secure units'

Up to 50 patients, some with learning disabilities and autism who should be released, are stuck in secure units run by a mental health hospital charity.

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