Star Come Together Choir performs ‘Lean On Me’
  • Posted on: 15/07/2020
  • Category: Self-Care Toolbox

Star Come Together Choir performs ‘Lean On Me’

About a month ago Star created the Come Together lockdown choir from across our UK, Ireland and Europe operations, formed of just under 50 Stars to create a real feeling of togetherness that is hard to get right now.

Singing in a group is a fantastic way to lower stress levels, regulate your heartbeat and boost your mood. Everyone in the choir voted on their song choice and the winning result was ‘Lean On Me’, by Bill Withers. 

The next step was to enlist the help of professionals to make sure we could get it right, and those brilliant people were Joe Evans, current cast member of TINA, the Tina Turner musical, and Jules Addison, producer/sound engineer who had the job of editing the audio and video.

Joe prepared the song arrangement and backing tracks, making them slightly more upbeat so that everyone could have fun performing their pieces.

Each practice session began with a vocal warm-up and a stretch to wake up the choir’s voices, and despite some teething problems with WiFi connections and a bit of lagging, the sessions were really enjoyable.

After learning the timing of the song some brave members volunteered to be the solo performers, and the group was given some pro tips on learning to harmonise – something that everyone really put their all into, and which has made the finished product extra special.

Finally, everyone came together (virtually!), to record their pieces and here’s the final product. We hope you enjoy watching it as much as our Stars enjoyed making it.