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Star Top Jobs: December 2017

It’s getting closer to that special time of year, and here at Star we’re working away to help find the best people the best roles in Pharma, Medical Devices and Technology, and Life Sciences. Are you on the lookout for a new role going into 2018? Take a look at the latest positions from Star… Find out more

In the news: UK biotech industry investment a “vote of confidence”

Two investment deals in the UK’s biotech industry demonstrate confidence in the industrial strategy, the government has said.  MSD (Merck), is to create approximately 950 jobs at a new London-based research centre, while German Qiagen will be adding to its investment in a genomics and diagnostics campus based in Manchester. “People don’t make the investments… Find out more

In the news: Health study finds online GP consultation pilot “limited”

As the NHS looks for new ways to cut waiting times and doctor workloads it seems that online GP consultations might not be the answer, according to a study. Despite £45 million in funding being earmarked to support GP practices in introducing online consultations, the study, carried out by the University of Bristol and funded… Find out more

Star Top Jobs: November 2017

This month’s top roles include Regional Trainers, Scientific Information Coordinators and Territory Managers across the Pharma, Life Sciences and Medical Devices & Technology sectors. Find out more about these great positions below, and don’t forget you can send us your CV to be considered for others. Adult Territory Manager – Hospital Specialist: multinational health and… Find out more

In the news: New lymphoma treatment leaves healthy cells intact

Researchers at Cardiff University’s School of Medicine have developed a new way of treating lymphoma that kills cancerous T-cells without destroying healthy ones. Lymphoma is caused by immune cells called lymphocytes becoming cancerous, and the team have found a way of saving healthy cells, which are vital to the immune system. T-cell lymphoma is an… Find out more

Personalised medicine: no more ‘one size fits all’

Personalised medicine is, as NHS England puts it ‘[…] a move away from a ‘one size fits all’ approach to the treatment and care of patients with a particular condition’, in favour of using new and different approaches to treatment to manage an individual’s health, to ultimately achieve the best outcome. The idea of tailoring… Find out more

In the news: Video link NHS consultation trials in London

A pilot scheme trialling 24-hour GP consultations for NHS patients has been launched in greater London, allowing patients to connect with a doctor via their smartphones. 3.5 million people will have access to the trial, and will be able to have a video consultation within two hours of booking an ‘appointment’, as well as the… Find out more

In the news: EU nurse and midwife numbers decline

Latest figures from the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC), show that the number of nurses and midwives from the EU wanting to move to the UK has declined since the Brexit referendum. The figures from the NMC concern the number of nurses and midwives registered to work in the UK, rather than actually working. Just… Find out more

In the news: Public Health England to reduce antibiotic prescriptions

Public Health England have launched the Keep Antibiotics Working campaign to try to reduce the amount of unnecessary antibiotic use in the UK; approximately 5,000 people in England die each year due to antimicrobial resistance. The campaign will provide evidence to back up pharmacists when talking to patients about the over-prescription of antibiotics, as experts… Find out more

Star Top Jobs: October 2017

This month our top jobs include Key Account Manager roles, Medical Sales Representatives, Regional Trainers, and Commercial Specialists. Take a look below, and don’t forget to click ‘Find out more’ if anything takes your fancy. If you’re looking for something else, or just curious about what’s out there, why not send us your CV? Who… Find out more