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In 1960 the International Chemical and Nuclear Corporation (ICN Pharmaceuticals) was founded. By the 1970s sales were in excess of $100 million. During the 1980s ICN divided into 5 separate companies - ICN Pharmaceuticals (as parent company) ICN Biomedicals, SPI Pharmaceuticals, Viratek (research and development) and ICN Plaza (headquarters).

Shareholders voted in the 1990s to merge the companies to become a single worldwide company - ICN Pharmaceuticals. In 2003 they changed their name to Valeant Pharmaceuticals International and in 2004 acquired Amarin Pharmaceuticals, expanding their speciality neurology platform.

Valeant's headquarters are in California. 2005 revenue was $823 million. Specialist therapeutic areas are neurology, infectious disease and dermatology.



Efudex - for solar keratoses (lesions caused by UV rays)

Dermatix - scar remodelling gel

Kinerase - skin care products

Oxsoralen- Ultra - for psoriasis

Infectious Diseases:

Infergen - for hepatitis C

Virazole to treat infant Respiratory Syncytial Virus  


Tasmar and Zelepar - used in Parkinson's disease

Diastat AcuDial - for epileptic patients 

Migranal - for migraine sufferers

Mestinon - to treat myasthenia gravis


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