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Lundbeck was founded as a trading company in Denmark, 1915. Its alliance with the pharmaceutical industry began in 1924 when it introduced Anusol® (haemorrhoids) and Gelonida® (pain) amongst other preparations, to the Danish market. In the 1930s Lundbeck set up its own laboratories and began production, and in 1937 introduced an original medicine, Epicutan® for wound-healing.

Lundbeck benefitted from the Second World War reparations when it acquired the rights to the German patent for the compound ketobemidon, from which Lundbeck developed Ketogan®, one of the most widely used treatments for acute pain. By the 1960s Lundbeck had established a strong reputation in psycho-pharmaceuticals and had subsidiaries in Norway, Finland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Austria. By the 1970s the company had opened offices in New York and Paris; Lundbeck Ltd was founded in the UK in 1972, and today has approximately 180 employees working here.

By the 1970s Lundbeck had grown rapidly, with many different departments and products. A business review in the 1990s, instigated by new CEO Sprunk-Jansen, led to Lundbeck positioning itself as a Central Nervous System disorder specialist.

Research and development at Lundbeck still focuses solely on diseases of the Central Nervous System, in particular mood disorders, Psychoses, Neurodegenerative disorders, Epilepsy, Sleep Disorders and Stroke. The research bases are situated in Denmark and the US.

Lundbeck's vision is to become a world leader in psychiatry and neurology, and their mission is to improve the quality of life for those suffering from psychiatric and neurological disorders.

Lundbeck's people must embody the company's values: Imaginative - dare to be different, Passionate - never give up, and Responsible - do the right thing. Their competency framework has been introduced to guide employees' behaviour; the framework encourages: customer and environmental focus, performance, team working, innovation and improvement, plan, do, review, ethics and integrity, and communication and interpersonal skills.


Cipralex® - Depression and Anxiety

Ebixa® - Alzheimer's disease

Azilect® - Parkinson's disease

Circadin® - Insomnia


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