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'Orthotics' and 'Orthopaedics' refer to pretty much the same thing. When there's damage to the skeletal system (orthopaedic problems) orthotic devices are used to try to support the weakened or abnormal joints or limbs. Orthopaedic devices can also be used to try to prevent injury occurring in the first place - to take a very simple example, a knee support to prevent excessive strain when running.

Orthotic devices can be custom-made or ready made so as an Orthotic Sales Representative you could be selling a physical product or the service of making those products, or both.

Varieties of Orthotic products might include: ankle foot orthoses, knee ankle foot orthoses, wrist hand orthoses or spinal orthotics.

An ankle foot orthoses might be used for severe and debilitating cases of foot drop (where the ankle is weak and the toes bent back, causing an exaggerated flexion of the hip and knee whilst taking a step and then the slapping down of the foot onto the ground) or tendonosis. Knee ankle foot orthoses might be used to help patients with locked knees or with knee joints that move too freely (hyperextension). Wrist hand othoses may be used to support a wrist post-operation and spinal orthotics can be used to correct a postural deformity.

There are many types of ready made Orthotics on the market, in particular for foot disorders such as arch problems (fallen arches etc) and heel pain. There are also ranges of specially designed shoes to address problems with the feet. Pedorthists are trained professionals who are experts in the biomedical functions of the foot and ankle and as an Orthotics Sales Representative, you may work closely with this kind of professional.

The Orthotics market is one of the most competitive in the Healthcare Industry so ideally, to get a job as an Orthotic Sales Representative, you will have experience in a competitive sales environment and evidence of your successes; it would be better again if you also have a scientific or technical background or qualification.