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Established in 2000, CliniSupplies Limited provides medical devices to the UK healthcare sector; initially a provider of woundcare products, the company has complemented its portfolio with a range of urology products also 



Teleflex Aquaflate Catheter Range
Flo Cath Quick
Leg bag straps
ProSys leg tubes
ProSys Drainable bags
Belly bag
Cathejell Lidocaine


Clini Sterile Dressing Packs
Clinipore Surgical Tape
Venous Ulcer Compression System
CliniLite, CliniCrepe, CliniPlus, CliniFix bandages
Clava, leggings, mittens, socks, tights, vests
CliniGauz, CliniNette, CliniTube bandages
CliniFast tubular bandages