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Paul Hartmann

Established since 1981 and based in Heywood, Lancashire, HARTMANN works in partnership with Primary Care NHS Trusts, NHS and Private Hospitals, Collaborative Procurement Hubs, chemist wholesalers, medical distributors, nursing homes and individual patients.

With recognised medical expertise in continence management, wound management and operating theatre products, HARTMANN is uniquely placed as the preferred solution partner for healthcare professionals and procurement specialists. With HARTMANN, you can purchase key product areas from one supplier, offering an integrated customer support service and delivering supply chain management efficiencies.

Wound management

Since 1870, HARTMANN has been at the forefront of the development of high quality products
for effective wound management.

The HARTMANN range of high performance advanced and traditional wound management
products comply with British and European standards. Products are supported by extensive patient
studies to demonstrate clinical effectiveness. In addition, HARTMANN advanced wound care
dressings have been independently tested against competitor dressings to provide users with a
comparative assessment of physical properties and performance.

HARTMANN is one of the few wound care companies to provide a range of dressings to cover
all phases of wound healing from cleansing and inflammatory stages to maturation. We also
offer solutions for infection and necrosis, delivering quick healing results.

Continence management

HARTMANN helps to manage health more easily and effectively by providing unique solutions to customers in training, education and cost management. The range comprises disposable continence care, skin care and personal hygiene products to meet the specific needs of patients and carers. Under the brand name ‘Moli’ HARTMANN offers a comprehensive range of disposable continence care products to meet all degrees of incontinence. Products are discreetly colour coded to help you to select the right absorbency. Superior product quality and maximum leakage protection maintain the patient’s dignity as well as promoting healthy skin.

Operating Theatre Products – Risk Prevention

In surgical operations, the medical staff as well as patients, must be reliably protected irrespective of the procedure.

The HARTMANN operating theatre range plays an important part in eliminating routes of infection with safe disposable products. The result is a complete range of disposable drapes and theatre clothing that exceed European standards. For more information on the unique products within the HARTMANN range, click here.

In 2007, HARTMANN was awarded the Frost and Sullivan Growth Strategy Leadership Award for its growth in the disposable surgical drapes and gowns market.