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Introducing new talent to Star’s Outsourcing team

As Star’s outsourcing business continues to flourish, a top priority is retaining Star’s strengths – great people, culture and customer experience. To achieve this, Star’s introduced experienced managers to its outsourcing team who will shape the business as it scales and explore new, innovative ways of working that drive efficiency and effectiveness for Star’s clients…. Find out more

Top tips for your first nursing job interview

Preparing for your first nursing job interview, whether you are newly-qualified or are looking to move on, is always a nerve-racking time. Don’t worry about being nervous – it means you care. Instead, make sure you are well prepared for the interview and feel as confident as you can. Here are our top tips for… Find out more

What does your social media presence say about you?

In a world where technology is king and where 46.4 million (80.9%) people in the UK are predicted to own a smartphone by 2017, it’s safe to say that everyone has some degree of online presence, even if it’s simply having an email address. Social media – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, WhatsApp, SnapChat, the list… Find out more

Tips for jobseekers post-Brexit

With things beginning to settle down after Britain voted to leave the EU, what should jobseekers be thinking and doing now to get their search back on track? Number one: stay positive, number two: know the facts, number three: get your CV out there. According to figures from CEB, the number of job adverts being… Find out more

Top tips for effective management

The role of management in a work environment is a unique one – maintaining a strong awareness of the health of a business, while staying in touch with their staff to ensure the human element of their organisation also runs smoothly. Being able to juggle these responsibilities effectively – addressing the needs of both the business… Find out more

Is a career in Healthcare Communications for you?

Are you a positive, pro-active person who loves to work with others? Does the idea of being responsible for promoting new products and educating others about them fill you with excitement? A career in Healthcare Communications could be for you! Working in Healthcare Communications, you really are a huge part of supporting a new drug… Find out more

Star wins most preferred recruitment agency and most preferred contract sales organisation, 2016!

Star is 2016’s most preferred contract sales organisation (‘CSO’), as ranked by the industry in Pf’s Company Perception, Motivation and Satisfaction survey; Star also retains its status as most preferred recruitment agency for the second year running. “We’re thrilled,” said Star’s Chief Operating Officer, Tim Webster. “Last year’s joint first CSO result was incredible but we… Find out more