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Get ahead in 2017: top 5 tips for finding your dream role

Looking for your perfect role in 2017? Take a look at our tips to boost your job search efficiency, and ultimately make it more rewarding. 1. Who are you? What is it that makes you the right person for the roles you want to apply for? Spend some time thinking about accurate ways of describing… Find out more

New year, new role: January top picks

Welcome to a brand new year! We’re halfway through January and if one of your goals for 2017 is to find your next role in healthcare, Star can help. Recruiting for positions within Pharma, Medical Devices and Technology, Clinical Research, Healthcare Communications and Nursing, we are proud to offer some of the very best roles in healthcare,… Find out more

Moments in Medicine: 1916

2016 has been a year of advancement in medicine – clot retrievers for stroke victims, progress in wearable tech, and significant forward steps in HIV treatment – so we thought we’d take a look back at some of the key moments of medicine and science one hundred years ago. From Einstein’s essays on relativity to the… Find out more

2017 Healthcare Trends: Digital Technology

As we get within touching distance of the end of 2016, what should we be looking out for within healthcare in 2017? We did some digging, and the answer is simple: tech, tech, tech. Over the next 15 years the global population of age 65+ people is predicted to increase more than 60%, from 617… Find out more

Star Top Jobs – November Part 2

We’re back with another ‘Top Jobs’ post for November – those fantastic roles just keep coming! Below are just some of the positions we’re recruiting for this month within the Pharmaceutical sector, each representing particular challenges and rewards for the right candidates. At Star we are very proud to recruit within the Medical Devices and… Find out more

Top accidental discoveries in medicine

Today is International Day of Radiology, the anniversary of German physicist Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen’s discovery of the x-ray. This was an accident – Röntgen was trying to accomplish something else – so it got us thinking about other accidental discoveries in medicine, and just how much we owe to those plucky scientists and their curiosity…. Find out more

Star Top Jobs – November

There’s a definite chill in the air and 2016 is coming to an end, but the top jobs just keep coming! We’re very proud to be able to offer some of the very best roles within the Pharma, MD&T, Clinical Research/Scientific, Healthcare Communications and Nursing sectors. This November we have chosen three positions  that come with real… Find out more

Tips for avoiding flu season in 2016

It’s that time again where we all start thinking about stockpiling tissues and lozenges, wrapping ourselves up in hats and scarves and barricading ourselves inside whenever there’s the slightest hint of a blocked nose. Cold and flu season is upon us, and if you have been offered a free flu vaccination, it is definitely worth… Find out more