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How to create a happy office

Have you noticed that some people feel energised by their job but others feel dejected? According to Jamie Carron at Happiness Works, everything from dangerous working conditions to the inability to switch off has led people to feel unhappy at work for centuries. But nurturing employees’ sense of professional happiness and fulfilment can provide benefits for […]

What does your desktop say about you?

Are you reading this on your computer? If so, stop for a minute, minimise the open windows and have a look at your desktop; what stands out the most? Some Psychologists say that your computer desktop’s appearance and arrangement reveals as much about your personality as the desk you sit at; allegedly, it shows how you […]

What HR Professionals need to know in 2016

In the coming year, there promises to be many changes in the world of human resources. Stay ahead with our round up of what HR professionals will need to know in 2016: Technology changes Many of the changes we expect to see in the coming year will be driven by technology. The need to embrace […]

The importance of Emotional Intelligence at work

You can understand why emotional intelligence captivates employers; businesses are people, so harnessing the intangible qualities that improve our behaviour, relationships and health and wellbeing is an attractive prospect. But what exactly is it and what can we learn? What is emotional intelligence? ‘Emotional Intelligence’ (‘EI’) was developed by psychologists Peter Salovey and John Mayer […]

How to succeed as a graduate? Take your time.

Star helped graduate Jayesh Bhenswala find an opportunity in the pharma industry; what can we learn from his success? What degree did you do and what job did you hope to achieve? I did a marketing degree (BA Hons Marketing) at Sheffield University. Before I went I was pretty open to exploring different industries – my […]