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The chancellor announces more NHS funding, but other spending cuts

Experts within and outside the NHS welcomed the chancellor’s vow for a better-funded health service but raised concern that cutting other public health budgets and forcing trainee nurses and midwives to take out student loans would hinder efforts to prevent ill-health. Under Osborne’s plan the budget for the NHS in England will rise from £101.3bn […]

3 Simple ways to reduce stress (at your desk!)

Whether in good times or bad, everyone experiences stress and anxiety at one time or another and most people say that it interferes at least moderately in their daily lives. The difference between the two is that stress is a response to a threat in a situation while anxiety is a reaction to the stress. […]

What is a new generation syndicated team?

The best people enabled by innovative technology, quality training and award-winning support, to be integrated depending on your business’s needs. Star – now part of the Uniphar Group – will launch its new generation syndicated solutions in 2016, leveraging: • 20 years of syndicated knowledge and experience • Star’s ability to find talented people • […]