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First Impressions Count! What Mistakes Are You Making?

A first impression can be a lasting one, so making sure you make a good first impression is incredibly important, whether it’s an interview, social gathering, business meeting or networking event. Just as you make judgements within the first few minutes of meeting people, they in turn will do the same to you, so you can’t afford […]

Top 5 Ted Talks For Job Seekers

Finding a job can be an overwhelming and exhausting task; balancing the need for gainful employment with finding a satisfying and fulfilling job that makes you feel good about the work you’re doing can be pretty tricky. To help, we’ve compiled five Ted Talks presentations that provide jobseekers with excellent insight and advice, helping you use your […]

How to find a healthcare job on social media

Social networking has become so much more than a place to share pictures, keep in touch with friends and view entertaining videos; it’s become a true networking tool that can enhance your professional life and help you advance your career. Discussed below are a few helpful tips for finding a healthcare job using social media. Use LinkedIn LinkedIn […]

How to create a happy office

Have you noticed that some people feel energised by their job but others feel dejected? According to Jamie Carron at Happiness Works, everything from dangerous working conditions to the inability to switch off has led people to feel unhappy at work for centuries. But nurturing employees’ sense of professional happiness and fulfilment can provide benefits for […]

What does your desktop say about you?

Are you reading this on your computer? If so, stop for a minute, minimise the open windows and have a look at your desktop; what stands out the most? Some Psychologists say that your computer desktop’s appearance and arrangement reveals as much about your personality as the desk you sit at; allegedly, it shows how you […]