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Big Data: Improving patient outcomes

See the bigger picture, make better decisions, improve things for the future. This is the mantra of any large organisation you care to mention, from advertising to journalism, to social media. It’s also true of healthcare: examine huge amounts of data, discover patterns, prevent a potential epidemic. The last ten years or so have seen… Find out more

How to find a healthcare job on social media

Social networking has become so much more than a place to share pictures, keep in touch with friends and view entertaining videos; it’s become a true networking tool that can enhance your professional life and help you advance your career. Discussed below are a few helpful tips for finding a healthcare job using social media. Use LinkedIn LinkedIn… Find out more

What does your desktop say about you?

Are you reading this on your computer? If so, stop for a minute, minimise the open windows and have a look at your desktop; what stands out the most? Some Psychologists say that your computer desktop’s appearance and arrangement reveals as much about your personality as the desk you sit at; allegedly, it shows how you… Find out more

What HR Professionals need to know in 2016

In the coming year, there promises to be many changes in the world of human resources. Stay ahead with our round up of what HR professionals will need to know in 2016: Technology changes Many of the changes we expect to see in the coming year will be driven by technology. The need to embrace… Find out more

The importance of Emotional Intelligence at work

You can understand why emotional intelligence captivates employers; businesses are people, so harnessing the intangible qualities that improve our behaviour, relationships and health and wellbeing is an attractive prospect. But what exactly is it and what can we learn? What is emotional intelligence? ‘Emotional Intelligence’ (‘EI’) was developed by psychologists Peter Salovey and John Mayer… Find out more

Star’s top 3 healthcare predictions for 2016

In 2015 we observed numerous advancements in healthcare, including the development of tiny devices that assess cancer tumours, a likely cure for Hepatitis C, and many more. However, we also saw various obstacles that stood in the way, for example increasing healthcare costs and the Ebola outbreak. So what could lie ahead in 2016? Below are our top three healthcare predictions for the year: 1. Antibiotic resistance will pose a far greater threat than it… Find out more